Frequently Asked Questions

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What are ITL Rings?

ITL rings are a simple way of showing the world that you are Into The Lifestyle in a discrete manner; Only those in the know will know… or those you share it with.

Why should I purchase a ring?

When you walk into a local coffee shop wouldn’t you like to look around, see a black ring, and know you are surrounded by like minded people? With a black ring you can strike up a lifestyle conversation easily and who knows where that might lead!

What is the Lifestyle?

The Lifestyle is a new way of saying you are into an openly expressed sexual way of being. Many still call it being a Swinger but the truth is that it has evolved to more since the 70’s when that was the norm.

Are ITLRings the same as Swingers Rings?

Yes… And No! We are fans of a more evolved way of thinking about being sexual enthusiasts so we prefer to think of our rings as symbols of being part of the lifestyle. Many people wear our black rings to signify that they are open minded but that can be in many ways so we believe that saying you are in the lifestyle allows for a broader range of ways a person can take part in their journey.

Who invented wearing a black ring as a symbol?

Honestly we do not know but it has been around for a short while now and is growing in popularity.



I bought a ring, now what?

You place it on the Ring Finger of your Right Hand and see where your next adventure might turn up. The ring is a symbol of openness; go live life!

Are your rings quality items?

Yes! We only source the best materials and those that are made to exacting tolerances. We also test wear each line with a trial group of lifestyle people prior to adding them to our store so we know they will wear well and look great!

Shipping & Payments

What payments types do you accept?

We use PayPal to process all online orders so you have many options available to choose from. We can also accept Email Money Transfers if you use the contact us page and per-arrange the transaction.

How do you ship the rings?

We ship via Canada Post Light Package services and ship before 15:00 the next business day after purchase.

How many rings can I buy at a time?

As many as you want! But we keep our overhead low so only maintain a controllable amount in stock. For large orders please contact us for discussion and arrangements.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, on occasion we will offer special incentives to help spread the Lifestyle love. We also can offer large order discounts as well; please contact us for more details.

Why do you charge in US Dollars?

We are a Canadian company but we purchase and process via US suppliers and Merchant accounts so we have opted to streamline our process and us the currency that we ourselves need to use. This allows us to keep a consistent price point and pass on savings to you based on our purchasing power in the US and our price breaks via Paypal. If we used Canadian currency we would be constantly changing our prices to reflect current exchange rates or we would have to charge more to be able to absorb the volatile nature of the currency market.