About the Store

“I want the world to know I am in the Lifestyle, but on my terms…”

The black ring that you wear on your right hand ring finger means so much. To the world it might be just a unique fashion expression but to people in the lifestyle it tells the tale of an open minded person. 

No matter what form of ENM you are into the ITL Ring store can help you find the perfect expression for your ring selection.

We source the most durable and meticulously crafted rings and accessories to compliment your ENM lifestyle. Our catalog is always growing so be sure to check in often!

Want something that isn’t available on our store? Then please reach out to us and we would be more than happy to help you find something as unique as you are!

About Our Products

Durable, exciting and meant to be worn. Our line of rings and accessories are not dainty pieces you need to worry about – they are meant to get you noticed!

There’re So Many Reasons to Stop Reading and Start Shopping!